How it works


DBSentinel is an easy to manage software which automates effortlessly staging and operating of a disaster tolerant high-availability solution with up to ten physical standby databases.

By doing this DBSenitnel will copy archive logs of the primary database into all standby databases which upon request will be deleted automatically or in a time-delayed manner after it has been established that they were transferred successfully into the standby databases.

DBSentinel will recognize and re-transfer any possible gaps or corrupted archive logs resulting from transport.

DBSentinel supports “Maximum Performance Mode” (an asynchronous transfer of filled up archive logs) known from Oracle Dataguard where the primary database does not wait for the completion of successful writing of the online log information at the standby end.
This ensures that even in the event of possible delays due to recovery of the standby database performance of the primary database will remain completely unaffected. If an error occurs the integrated email notifier will inform the administrator thus when using DBSentinel the effort for administrating and monitoring the standby solution will be extremely minimal.


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